Why All of Myrtle Beach Should Visit the Wheelhouse Lounge!

Today we are going to focus the spotlight on our Wheelhouse Lounge, which is the bar/lounge area at the Chesapeake House in Myrtle Beach, SC. A good bar is somewhere you can relax and have a great time with others, or even by yourself! Whether you are coming for a gathering with friends, to watch the Monday night football game or so the bartender can keep you company, there are many great reasons to gather in the Wheelhouse Lounge!

Comfy captains chairs line the bar. We also have a variety of seating away from the bar, in the lounge area, for different sized groups and levels of comfort.

Drinks and Food
Our bar is fully stocked with premier liquor, beer, and wine. Our trained bartenders make exceptional cocktails, whether it’s a signature drink from the menu or a concoction of your own! Also, there is usually some type of drink special going on! We serve our full food menu in the Wheelhouse Lounge so you’re sure to get the same food variety that you get when you dine in with us!

Our maritime atmosphere, that is prevalent through the restaurant, also accompanies the bar and lounge area. It is a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere that is perfect if you want to stick around for awhile!

The captains wheel that is integrated in the actual bar is by far one of our favorite features! The TV’s located in the bar make it a great spot to watch football games and other sporting events. And, not only are our bartenders good at making drinks, they are extremely friendly and will also provide a listening ear!

Whether you are joining us for a drink or two or whether you’d prefer to eat your meal in the lounge area instead of the dining room, we hope it is now abundantly clear why you should make a visit to the Wheelhouse Lounge at the Chesapeake House!


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